Compass Plus helps Quipu achieve 100 per cent service availability

Compass Plus helps Quipu achieve 100 per cent service availability

Compass Plus, an international provider of electronic payments and retail banking software to processors and financial institutions, today announced it has helped Quipu, a third party processing centre, to achieve 100 per cent service availability for the year 2015.

Since the beginning of 2011, Quipu has collected KPI reports as part of its ISO 20000 certification. According to these reports, it achieved 99.96 per cent service uptime during 2015 – taking into account scheduled and unscheduled downtime – and taking into account only unscheduled downtime it reached a perfect 100 per cent. The achievement is made more remarkable by Quipu’s global reach, meaning it has to overcome often conflicting peak processing times from different time zones.

“Once again, we have made good on our commitment to our customers: that their account-holders can use payment services at any time of day, every day of the year without interruption and inconvenience,” said Eugenio Marengo, Head of Processing Centre at Quipu. “The outstanding performance and reliability of Compass Plus’ TranzWare platform has helped us to deliver 100 per cent service availability and, ultimately, satisfaction to our customers.”

Quipu has been running its processing centre on Compass Plus’ TranzWare applications since 2004 and delivers processing services as well as personalisation facilities to 30 financial institutions across 11 time zones. In this time, it has expanded its services by launching a local service team for Kosovo. The new team services 2,500 POS terminals and 200 ATMs of local financial institutions covering 30 per cent of Kosovo’s market capacity.

Quipu’s high level of availability in both centres has ensured bank clients are able to provide their customers with unrivalled service reliability. To date, it has issued over 891,000 cards, installed 1,200 ATMs, 6,000 POS terminals, and processes around four million transactions per month.

About Quipu:

Quipu is an IT consultancy and software development company which provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions for banks and financial institutions, from electronic payments to software systems. Quipu is a 100% subsidiary of ProCredit Holding, the parent company of a group of banks that specialise in providing financial services for SMEs. Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Quipu currently operates from eight regional offices around the world, enabling the company to promptly address the needs of a global customer base. Quipu has over 35 years of experience in developing software applications, tools and other services to provide optimal technical support to financial institutions. By combining its global expertise with the knowledge of local requirements, Quipu plays a central role in enabling customers to be competitive, and efficient, and to successfully respond to the evolving demands of their industry, markets, and regulators.