XBRL Solution

As external reporting across countries and regulators adopts XBRL as an information standard, it is becoming increasingly important for firms to consider seamless reporting systems to meet regulatory compliance. Since many of the firms have already invested in ERP, consolidation system and financial disclosure systems, CFOs and CIOs are increasing looking for non disruptive solutions which can be added as an additional layer on existing systems and automate the evolving regulatory XBRL compliance process. Moreover, integration of XBRL into internal reporting systems bring significant advantages towards building additional processing and analytical modules for internal usage both within a company and across companies within a business group.

Our XBRL Solution is developed as an end to end integration solution using the XBRL GL specifications to create an XBRL layer on the existing systems and enable creation of multiple XBRL based reports. Our XBRL Solution mplementation typically takes as input the trial balances of companies and divisions across the various existing ERP and accounting systems of a business group to build the XBRL data repository and thereon seamlessly create financial reports based on the regulatory reporting taxonomies.

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