Electronic Payment System

In this globalization era, financial service providers find themselves operating in an extremely complex and especially aggressive competitive environment, where profit margins are constantly under pressure. Whilst competitors are becoming more diverse and entering the industry with relative ease, consumers are becoming considerably more educated, experienced, demanding and are more prone to switching providers than ever before.

Our Electronic Payment System includes EFT Switch and Card Management System is state-of-the-art EFT product family that incorporates a comprehensive range of integrated and flexible products and is fit to satisfy an array of customer needs from fully functional back and front office through sophisticated fraud detection and monitoring, robust interchange and card personalization to EBPP (Electronic Bill Payment & Presentment), mobile, internet banking, and e-commerce and other refined and innovative products and solutions able to support every aspect of electronic payments.

By being functionality rich, highly customizable, continuously enhanced, yet affordable, our Electronic Payment Solution offers financial institutions of any size the ability to supply differentiated and ever-improving services at competitive prices, thus creating a competitive advantage and ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty in this turbulent environment.