3D-Secure Compliant Solution

To further enhance security for payments made via the Internet and promote the overall growth of e-commerce, the leading payment systems have rolled out programmes (such as Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code) based on the 3-D Secure protocol. The programmes are designed to benefit all participants by enabling issuers to authenticate cardholders during an online purchase.

As one of the tools in the fight against online fraud, TranzWare e-Commerce is purposed for advanced and reliable Internet transaction authenticity checks based on 3-D Secure protocol and is a part of the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode programmes that make it compulsory for cardholders to verify their identity to their bank at the point of online purchase. The product has two separate modules – TranzWare Access Control Server (ACS) and TranzWare Payment Gateway (TWPG) designed for issuers and acquirers respectively. Bank customers can easily enroll for the service either via an Internet banking website or at an ATM.

TranzWare eCommerce also has host of additional security features including various access certificates, digital signature verification, support of DPA/CAP, etc., making it an ideal platform for building a secure and well performing e-business.

TranzWare e-Commerce seamlessly integrates with other TranzWare products, external customer authentication systems (via multi-factor mechanisms) and other systems. It has also been repeatedly successfully certified for compliance with 3-D Secure.


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TranzWare e-Commerce