Card Management System

Today, financial service providers find themselves operating in an extremely complex and especially aggressive competitive environment, where profit margins are constantly under pressure. It is a true challenge to maintain an existing customer base let alone broaden it. Whilst competitors are becoming more diverse and entering the industry with relative ease, consumers are becoming considerably more educated, experienced, demanding and are more prone to switching providers than ever before. To stay competitive and ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, issuers, as well as acquirers, must offer not only a broad range of differentiated and ever improving services at competitive prices but also ensure availability, flexibility, security and provide exceptional customer and merchant service.
Our Card Management System can deliver all these and many more advantages to a financial institution of any size in order for them to pass on the same benefits to their customers – merchants or cardholders and prosper in this market. Our Card Management System is a state-of-the-art scalable system delivering a variety of automated back office functions for both issuers and
acquirers that include the following:

  • Management of payment cards issuance and their circulation
  • Acquiring and merchant management
  • Personal and corporate account management
  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Customer Service

In addition, Our CMS incorporates a wide range of retail functions and aids the management of personal and retail sector accounts and payments. As such, our CMS is able to help a financial institution to satisfy more than just the ‘making payments’ needs of a customer, it is equipped with functionalities allowing for the fulfilment of a customer’s saving, borrowing and securing needs. The product offers support for a wide range of retail banking operations, multiple card products, account and payment types.

Instalment and loan schemes provide bank customers with an opportunity to purchase expensive goods and services through a pre-agreed payment plan. The current life style of many consumers demands more flexible instalment credit and repayment schemes than ever before. The Instalments module provides flexible initiation and repayment functionality along with various payment channels to accommodate customer requirements and expand a financial institution’s card business within the consumer finance sector.

Revolving Credit Card
Card-based consumer financing is an expanding area within the card industry enabling considerable improvement of the bottom lines. Innovative products, such as revolving credit cards, can not only boost profits but also help to widen customer bases. Revolving Credit Card module offers effective credit card management, provides flexible and rich functionality, extends to accommodate corporate credit card functionality, reduces the credit risk and increases the income from active customers’ use of the credit.

Additionally, with Our CMS a financial institution not only gains access to a variety of built-in pre-defined financial schemes but also to development tools that enable the design of their own financial products or services whilst employing minimum amounts of resources. Our CMS is fully integrated with front-end, card personalisation, fraud analysis and interchange systems.

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Tranzware Card Management System