EFT Switch Solution

Our EFT Switch Solution is a highly efficient, multi chanelling, fault-tolerant engine for switching, parametric routing and authorization of electronic payment transactions as well as for terminal network driving. The system was specifically designed to deliver great flexibility and options for system expansion unrestricted by hardware, operating system, networks and host systems, financial products, types of transactions, devices and delivery channels. Its flexibility also lies in its advanced customization facilities as customers can configure the solution to perfectly suit their own existing or/and forecasted processing environment.

And also offers an extensive functionality set for managing ATM networks thanks to its object-oriented development technology. The product provides ATM handling (parameter loading, device handling, performing such operations as payments, currency exchange, Cash-In, etc.), transaction routing, configuration (screen editing, scenario building, configuration of fees, etc.), cash planning, maintenance personnel notification (via various channels) and many more features.

Its incorporates a sophisticated scalable ATM monitoring system that includes graphical features such as map navigating, ATM state displaying, etc. The system allows customers to analyse/compute network status and respond to any changes in an appropriate and efficient way. Supports a user-friendly graphical interface for ATMs and an extensive set of transactions and cards (technology- and business-wise and including EMV), therefore, ensuring a wide spectrum of quality service is offered to customers.

Our Switch Solution provides complete support for POS processing, including support for many POS device types, multiple transaction types, and a number of POS device handling terminal protocols. Scalable and is proven to deliver exceptional performance of POS and ATM networks of any size (from ten to thousands) and composition and offers full compliance with all major payment card networks.

As the hub of a transaction processing environment,Our Switch Solution can seamlessly integrate with Card Management System (back office system) and other core and auxiliary  products, as well as with other third-party components and systems in place.

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